Here Are 4 Serious Dangers of Mail-Order Clear Aligners

December 8, 2022

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With an advertised price as low as $2,000, it’s not surprising that mail-order clear aligner companies like Smile Direct Club™ are turning heads. In fact, many patients have chosen to go this route instead of Invisalign, at least initially. Sadly, the DIY option comes with several dangers that patients aren’t aware of until it’s too late. To learn what they are, keep reading!

Danger #1: No Initial Exam

In short, clear aligner treatment isn’t for everyone. For example, if you have an existing oral health concern, like gum disease, or you’re struggling with severe misalignment, then you might not be a candidate, at least right away. That’s why the first step of the Invisalign process is a thorough in-person exam with an orthodontist. Sadly, mail-order clear aligners often skip this step, relying on patient pictures and DIY impressions, which are nowhere near as accurate or detailed.

Danger #2: No In-Person Check-In Appointments

After you begin your Invisalign treatment, you’ll have periodic check-in appointments with your orthodontist. During these visits, they will make sure your teeth are tracking properly, address any warning signs they are seeing, and answer any questions you have so far. Conversely, patients with mail-order aligners are left to figure all of this out on their own. Since the average patient isn’t aware of the complications to look out for until it’s too late, it’s not surprising that the cases of worse misalignment are so high!

Danger #3: Numerous Cases of Worse Misalignment

It’s true; many patients have experienced worse misalignment from using mail-order clear aligners. In some cases, even tooth loss! These could be the result of several things, including the DIY impressions and no initial exam. Regardless, this requires additional treatments that have the potential to be more expensive than if you started your teeth-straightening journey with Invisalign. So, for the sake of your smile and your wallet, start there!

Danger #4: Warnings from Professional Organizations

Professional organizations like the American Dental Association serve many important purposes, one of which is providing the public with valuable information on which products and treatments are safe and effective. So, it’s not surprising that they have been actively voicing their distaste for mail-order clear aligner treatment. Invisalign, on the other hand, has their full support and has helped more than 12 million patients achieve their smile goals!

Mail-order clear aligners might seem like a more cost-effective alternative to Invisalign, but don’t be fooled by the lower upfront price – it’s not worth gambling your smile!

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