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Getting Smiles Out of Pain & Back on Track

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Some discomfort is common during orthodontic treatment, even if things go according to plan, but severe pain is never normal. If you’re experiencing intense pain or an urgent problem with your orthodontic appliance, such as a broken bracket or lost clear aligners, you need assistance from a trained orthodontist right away. Here at Ludlow Orthodontics, Dr. Sam Alkhoury and his talented team are ready to help patients with orthodontic emergencies get out of pain and back on track with their treatments. Call us right away to schedule your appointment for treatment during orthodontic emergencies in Ludlow!  

Why Choose Ludlow Orthodontics for Orthodontic Emergencies?

  • Same-Day Appointments Available
  • Gentle, Experienced Orthodontist & Team

What to Do in an Orthodontic Emergency

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When you or someone you know is suffering from an orthodontic emergency, the very last thing you should do is panic! Instead, keep calm and take appropriate action by following these simple steps:

  1. Call Our Office – We’ll usually be able to assess the situation over the phone and begin walking you through what steps you should take. This usually includes things like rinsing your mouth with water or applying orthodontic wax. If you can’t handle the issue yourself or don’t know what to do, we’ll have you come in for a same-day appointment.
  2. Attend Your Appointment – Sometimes the issue can be totally resolved over the phone, or it can wait until your next routine checkup, but if you do need to come in, we’ll immediately inspect your orthodontic appliance(s) upon arrival and quickly determine the best course of action.
  3. Get The Urgent Care You Need – Once you’re seated and we’ve determined the problem, we’ll be able to address your discomfort, correct the problem, and ensure that your orthodontic treatment isn’t derailed or ultimately set back. In some cases, a follow-up appointment may be necessary, but we’ll be sure to help you set this up if needed. In rare cases, if we discover that your emergency was due to an underlying oral health issue or if we detect damage to your teeth, we may refer you to your general dentist for proper care.

The Most Common Orthodontic Emergencies

Even if you aren’t sure if your situation is an emergency or not, it’s sensible to contact us when you experience any sort of complication or abnormality with your orthodontic treatment! It’s worth mentioning that most orthodontic emergencies can be handled at home over the phone with the expert help of our knowledgeable dental team. However, it’s never wise to leave anything to chance. Listed below are some examples of common orthodontic emergencies and how we can help:

Understanding the Cost of Orthodontic Emergencies  

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Realistically, no two orthodontic emergencies are exactly alike. This means it’s difficult to know how much your treatment will cost before you reach our office for evaluation. But don’t fret; once we’ve had a chance to look at your situation, we’ll review our findings with you before reviewing the expected costs of recommended treatment routes. We never want the cost of care to prevent you from getting the help you need, which is why we accept numerous dental insurance policies, offer third-party financing options, and look down every avenue for ways to help you affordably resolve your urgent situation!

How to Prevent Orthodontic Emergencies 

Person brushing teeth to avoid orthodontic emergencies

While you can’t completely avoid any type of emergency, taking the right precautions can reduce your risk of urgent orthodontic problems. As a rule of thumb, following our orthodontist's treatment guidelines is a highly effective way to prevent orthodontic emergencies. Stay away from foods that could damage your appliances, such as popcorn or stick items like caramel. Make sure that, if you play sports, you wear a mouthguard specifically designed for orthodontic patients. Definitely give our orthodontic office a call if you experience serious pain that lasts longer than three days after getting your braces tightened.